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Hearltand KAH Packing Event
Host an Event
An unplanned but very real benefit received from a HeartlandKAH food packing event is the satisfaction and engagement that volunteers experience from attending. Not only do your efforts feed many children and families, but you will walk away with a feeling that is difficult to create by just handing over a check to any other nonprofit.
For many, it is the ultimate hands-on contribution that, because of its simplicity, individuals from ages 8 to 80 are able to participate in. Volunteers are composed of many diverse backgrounds, from their schools and churches to the civic organizations and neighborhood groups they surround themselves with. It takes a village to feed a village, and ultimately we are one big family doing our part to help combat starvation all over the world.

Don't have a space to host an event? Don't worry! We have a space for you! We are located right here in Omaha, NE!

Here's how to host an event. A few simple steps, and you're on your way to an amazing giving opportunity.

  1. Figure out your budget, the number of meals you want to pack, and the number of volunteers you will need to achieve that goal. The costs per meal are as follows - .40 cents per Fiesta Rice Meal or .50 cents per Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal meal.
  2. Check available dates on our calendar.
  3. Contact John by phone 402-659-6319 or email at

Important Information to Consider when Planning a Meal Packing Event
  • An average packing event will last between 60-90 minutes
  • The lines work well with 10 people per table (one table can pack an average of 2,000 meals in 60-90 minutes)
  • You will need 2-8ft tables per line, we can accommodate enough tables to have up to 4 packing lines (we have/can bring 8-8ft tables if needed. Please let us know in advance).
  • We aim to pack at least one pallet per packing event which equals 7,128 meals. The donation cost for one pallet of rice meals would be $2,851.20 at .40 cents per meal. The donation cost for one pallet of Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal would be $3,564 at .50 cents per meal.
  • Find out how your business or organization can help with donations and/or raise funds.
  • Heartland KAH should recieve donations for packing event 30 days prior to event in order to obtain all materials and products needed.
  • Call or email John to book your packing event now!

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